Smart Billing Platform for Medical Providers.

Fast, efficient, automated billing that eliminates errors and maximizes payouts.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Understand your business with a full view of all your claims.

Automated Billing

Faster processing with no human errors.

Software Integrations

Anise is agnostic to the software you use and can be integrated with your systems.

Confidence in Billing

Anise is compliant and secure, allowing you to confidently bill your customers.

  • Highly Secure.
    We stick to the highest industry standards for keeping your data safe at rest and in transit.
  • HIPAA Compliant.
    Our systems and those of our vendors adhere to the highest data safety and security standards, meeting regulations to protect patient health information.

Billing Experience

Auditing Service
Automatically audit your payments to ensure you don’t miss out on owed revenues.
Eligibility Checks
Run automatic and batched eligibility checks across different payers.
Automated Billing
Automatically bill your customers. Run automated claims generation, submission, error handling, claims status and ERA handling.
Report Automation
View reconciliation reports, monthly & annual reports, and other custom reports for all your business needs.
Our Mission
We aim to leverage the best technologies to simplify and accelerate billing for providers. Our smart billing platform reduces errors, maximizes payouts, and provides full visibility into your practices, allowing you to do what you do best ‐ providing care.
Who we are
Anise brings together experts in medical billing, technology, and healthcare. We believe that improving medical billing can have a positive profound effect on the American Healthcare system.